Frequently Asked Questions

What is the financial commitment? 

The annual tuition for the Pacific Northwest Rubenfeld Synergy Certification Training Program is  $4500 – paid in full. We will also offer payment plans. PLEASE NOTE: While we will make every effort to keep the tuition the same throughout the 3 years, the Training Program reserves the right to increase the tuition by no more than 10% each year. Should an increase in tuition be necessary, you will be notified of this increase in writing before the beginning of the year.

What background do people have in coming to this training?

People come to Rubenfeld Synergy from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are talk therapists curious about somatic work. Some are bodyworkers interested in adding a new dimension to their work. A third group have no prior 'relevant' experience. Whatever your background, your professional and personal skills will certainly be well utilized.  

Is any previous experience or training required?  

No previous experience or training is required. A desire to heal and help others heal is the foundation that will be built on regardless of your prior experience and training. 

Why is there a personal session requirement?

There are many reasons why doing your own personal work is paramount to being an effective Synergist. Ongoing self care, both in a session and out, is one of the main foundations of the work as Ilana Rubenfeld created it. As you attend to your personal healing with Synergy sessions, you will gain tremendous transferable skills to share with your clients, have a place to process any challenges that may come up in the training, and practice the commitment to your self care.  

How many personal sessions are required and how much do they cost?

You will be required to receive 12 sessions per year for a total of 36 for the training. There is a special discounted rate of $95 per session for Synergists in training. This cost is not included in the annual tuition.