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Synergy Training 

Where Synergy Began...

Meet Ilana Rubenfeld - sometimes called the grande dame of the body oriented therapy movement. Clearly a pioneer well ahead of her time.  

"Each person can really become skilled - very quickly become skilled - at recognizing that they can have the intelligence to listen to their own bodymind and to heal themselves. And to support other people healing."

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method guides people to return home to themselves. Emotions and memories stored in our beings often result in energy blocks, tensions, and imbalances.


Rubenfeld Synergy uses many means of deepening a session , including verbal expression, movement, breathing, body posture, kinesthetic awareness, imagination, sound, and caring touch to access these reservoirs of feeling. 

Together, Synergist and client make room for the emerging feelings, integrating them with present experience. It's a journey that uses the touchstones of acceptance, caring, trust, humor, and growth and leads clients to more experiences of wholeness, harmony, empowerment, and freedom. 

Integration happens for the client, as well as Synergist, who learns to naturally balance analytical and scientific approaches with intuition, metaphor, and sensitivity. 

Your practice will be fresh for your clients - and refreshing for you. 

Training Details 

***The Portland training has now been canceled due to the many uncertainties around the ongoing Covid situation. ***


For Additional Info About Rubenfeld Synergy, please visit https://www.rubenfeldsynergy.com

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